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OMLp2p partners with Prest Loans

India’s leading Peer-to-Peer (P2P) platform, has partnered with Prest Loans to provide customized financing solutions and support to the 'financial inclusion initiative' for Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME) sector in India. Prest Loans; is a RBI registered NBFC (non-banking finance company) under the name Lord Krishna Financial Services Ltd.

Features of Prest Loans Borrowers:

Loan Type: Business Loan (MSMEs)

Loan Purpose: Working Capital / Business Expansion

Loan Amount: Rs. 50,000 to Rs. 400,000

Loan Period: Up to 24 months

Annualized Return: Payable to the Lender will be 11%# p.a. for loans up to 12 months and 12.50%# p.a. for loans above 12 months tenor

Borrowers occupation: Self Employed

Bureau Score: 650 or above (CIBIL or equivalent)

Age Criteria: From 25 years to 60 years

Grade / Rating: All loans originated under this tie up will be rated “LK” denoting servicing and guarantee by the originator


Individual guarantor in each disbursed loan — Related to the borrowers.

Guaranteed by Loan Originator.

Disbursement: All loan will be disbursed to Borrower’s bank account.

# : Please click here to see for details T&C


  • Q. What is the tenor of the loan?
    A. Loans have tenor up to 24 months.
  • Q. How is the fee structured at OMLp2p?
    A. OMLp2p charges a nominal fee of 1.5% on committed investment below INR 5,000 and 1% on committed investment of INR 5,000 and above, from the investor.
  • Q. What is my expected returns on “Prest Loans” listed at OMLp2p lending platform?
    A. The rate of interest (return) payable to the Lender will be 11% p.a. # for loans up to 12 months and 12.50% p.a. # for loans above 12 months tenor.
  • Q. How safe is my money safe?
    A. Prest Loans is a RBI registered NBFC (Lord Krishna Financial Services Ltd.) and have their stricter norms of borrower selection. Before being approved and listed for funding, all these borrowers invariably need to pass through the OMLp2p credit Policy. Furthermore, to protect the interest of Lenders, OMLp2p has taken corporate guarantee from Prest Loans as well as personal guarantee of the it's Founding Director. Addition to this, all these Prest Loans are being backed by individual guarantor (related to borrowers) in each disbursed loan listed under category “LK”.
  • Q. How Is My Return Calculated?
    A. EMIs are calculated by the reducing balance method on a monthly basis. Instalments remain the same throughout the tenure of your loan. However, borrower can prepay the loan at its discretion as per the terms of the agreement.
    The first instalment will be dependent on the date of disbursal.
  • Q. Do I get to know my borrowers?
    A. Yes, all our loans are disbursed after signing off legal agreements. All the borrower or lender has full access to his legal agreement at his dashboard. As a lender, borrower details will always be available in the loan agreement.

# - T&C applies

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